Information about Covivi

How it works

How Covivi works

Here you can find information about how Covivi works. It's simple and easy.

Here is how to open an account in a nutshell:

1.    Open a Covivi account by clicking on the "Sign Up" link on the upper right of the home screen. Create a verified profile on It’s free to sign up.

2.    You can open as a customer and a sales or service vendor.

3.    Follow the prompts to fill out your profile, upload a photo, and enter your payment and bank info. Both of these are held securely. If you're opening a vendor account to make sales or have people book your services, click on the big orange button that says "+ Post a New Listing".

Here is how to get work done and get more business on Covivi:

1.   Search for the right service or display your service profile.  Connect with a fellow Covivi member on the work. Pricing is set in member profiles.

2.   Confirm your booking and schedule it.

3.   Get it done! Get paid!

4.   Let your customer or your service vendor know how they did. You can even review your customer or the person you booked through Covivi.