Information about Covivi


About Our Covivi Community marketplace

This is a place to sell, rent, and share goods and services with the other members of the Covivi marketplace.

Covivi is a platform cooperative, that is, a marketplace site that is owned, managed, and governed by its members. Members will determine how profits are distributed.

People in the Pittsburgh area can use it to find services they need, contact the freelancer or business providing it, schedule the work, acknowledge completion, and handle payments. Likewise, freelancers and businesses join Covivi to be more visible in the marketplace.

Our terms and exclusively Pittsburgh market area makes it especially useful for under-represented people in the economy to use. As it is developed we intend to scale it to other markets to service those communities.

It's easy to use, and it's free to join. We charge a 10% service fee to keep Covivi running smoothly. We aim to make Covivi fair for everyone involved and create an impact that makes communities more prosperous and vibrant.